Over The Clouds With Citrobopram

Comic 2019  illustrator, script  | Riso printed in A5 format, 18 pages

The comic draws inspiration from Mark Fisher’s seminal work, “Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?” The narrative centers around the character Mark, a homage to Fisher himself, and a peculiar creature named Kyber, a nod to Fisher’s blog, K.Punk, which echoes the CyberPunk genre with a postmodern twist.

Fisher’s book serves as the conceptual backbone, challenging the entrenched belief in neoliberalism’s inevitability and exploring its profound societal repercussions. It delves into the pervasive commodification within capitalist societies, which erodes human connection and fosters feelings of despair, isolation, and depression. Contrary to the prevailing narrative, Fisher contends that depression is not merely a result of individual neurochemistry but is intricately linked to systemic forces.

Within the comic, iconic figures of the neoliberal era—Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan—are portrayed alongside Britney Spears, symbolizing the embodiment of neoliberal ideals and the consequences of their implementation. Spears’ narrative serves as a poignant illustration of individual autonomy constrained by contractual obligations, reflecting the commodification of human expression for profit.

The comic eschews a traditional meta-narrative structure, opting instead for a disjointed series of vignettes. By juxtaposing historical figures with contemporary personalities, it subverts notions of linear historical progression, highlighting the perpetual relevance of capitalist critique across disparate contexts.