Public Intervention Poster Series & Zine

Poster Series 2021 in English | German | Arabic | size A3

This poster series emerged in response to the 2021 Israel-Palestine crisis, spearheaded by a coalition of peace activists seeking to shift the narrative surrounding the conflict within the German public sphere. I proposed and designed the series, leveraging current images of the crisis with close-up, emotionally charged compositions aimed at engaging viewers and evoking a profound response. Our selection of language and messaging was informed by decolonial discourse, aligning with our commitment to reshaping perspectives.

Volunteers strategically placed the posters in key locations across Berlin neighborhoods, where their immediate impact was evident through the swift removal by individuals. This act of removal transformed the poster campaign into a political statement, challenging the prevailing social order head-on.

Simultaneously, we distributed zines featuring the same imagery and messaging during demonstrations and through random postboxes in areas such as Neukölln, Kreuzberg, and Mitte.